4 Living Room Ideas From The Homes Of Top Designers

The living room is the hearth of every home. It is a place where family member gathers to spend quality time and relax. Therefore, the living room should be good-looking and spacious. If you’re trying to decorate your living room without spending a lot of money, take some design ideas from the homes of top designers. You can also seek professional help from¬†interior design companies in Dubai.¬†Here are some ways to create a unique living space.

Low lighting:

Using low-slung table lamps is a great way to add a focal point to a room without putting out a lot of light. It also creates a more social atmosphere. The lamps can be placed over the coffee table or the dining table, creating a beautiful focal point and inviting place for guests to congregate. The best way to balance the lighting sources is to have a mix of sources and styles, so you can use a combination of both.

Bold contrast:

If you’re planning to make your living room a showplace, consider using bold contrasts. Bold colors make interiors striking. Color blocking is an excellent method for incorporating high-contrast tones into your space. Designers use opposite ends of the color wheel to create a look that’s bold, yet not overpowering. For an eclectic look, try alternating two or three colors, and combining them in unexpected ways.


To make your shelves stand out from the rest, use large decorative items to elevate them. Small items can easily read as cluttered, but large ones are more striking. Interior design experts recommend big pieces that will still allow you to use small ones. They also suggest using lidded boxes to corral dust. Shelves should also have storage space for a flat-screen television. In addition, consider using glass shelves to hold vases and candles.

Multi-purpose furniture:

You can save space in your living room by choosing multi-purpose furniture. This type of furniture usually comes in lightweight materials and neutral color schemes. It is recommended to choose pieces that have a mid-century modern look. These pieces are perfect for those with limited space as they can be easily moved from one room to another. In addition to saving space, multi-purpose furniture improves the look of your living room while maximizing its functional uses.

By Deanna