4 Signs That Your Car Needs An Oil Change

There are many different signs that your car needs an oil change. A low oil level, an oil leak, and an oil change light are just some of the signs to look for. Fortunately, there are many signs you should change your car’s oil sooner rather than later. Visit our site to get some incredible oil change offers.

Signs of a low oil level:

When the oil level in your car falls below the minimum, it may be time to have your engine serviced. When the oil level falls below a safe level, the engine begins to overheat and the oil pressure warning light will illuminate. If you don’t notice these symptoms, you may have a low oil level and it could mean that your rear main seal or valve cover gasket is leaking. It’s also common to notice a burning odor inside the cabin.

Signs of an oil leak:

When you are changing your car’s engine oil, you should check for a brown puddle on the ground. This is an obvious sign of an oil leak. Fresh motor oil is a light, honey-colored liquid that turns dark brown or black as it ages. It may be a small amount of oil on the ground or a large puddle. If the oil is a dark brown color, it is probably the result of a leak.

Burning smell and sizzling or boiling noises coming from the exhaust:

Other signs of an oil leak include a burning smell and sizzling or boiling noises coming from the exhaust. If you notice these sounds, you should call a mechanic or go to Jiffy Lube. The burning smell may also be caused by overheating, and you should check your oil level and have it checked by a mechanic. Also, the oil may be accumulating near the oil filler cap, or near the valve cover or engine head.

Signs of an oil change light:

If your car’s oil change light is flashing, there’s a good chance your car is due for an oil change. A yellow oil light indicates that you’re due for a fluid change. A red oil change light means you need a new oil filter. If your oil light is flashing constantly, you may have a serious problem with your engine. This is something you should address as soon as possible.

By Deanna