Creative Types Of Corporate Events


While a business event is inevitable, it can be stale, boring, or even predictably conventional. To avoid this, event planners can be creative with the setup and catering. A meeting of the company’s board, sales team, or perhaps an annual company-wide event is a perfect candidate for creative planning. Event planning experts should be consulted for a corporate event in Dubai, as it is geared toward a tight deadline and focus.

Product launches:

There are several ways to make your product launches at corporate events memorable and exciting. One of these is to incorporate activities that involve customers. For example, if you’re launching a new product, create breakout rooms for attendees to interact and share ideas. You could include a scavenger hunt, a leaderboard, five-minute discussions, swag, and hands-on product testing. The more attendees and engagement your event gets, the more likely your guests will buy it.


There are many different types of corporate events, including conferences and seminars. Conferences are held to discuss specific topics and provide educational opportunities. These events usually begin with a keynote address followed by smaller breakout sessions. They can be informative and offer opportunities to network with colleagues and learn about new concepts and practices.

Team-building events:

Team-building events are often a popular choice for businesses that have just hit a major milestone. They can also be a great way to improve collaboration and team spirit before major projects or quarterly kickoffs. Whatever the reason, these events can improve workplace productivity, improve communication, and even build lasting bonds.

Industry-wide award ceremonies:

There are many ways to incorporate industry-wide award ceremonies at corporate events. Some choose to hire comedians, others select a local musician to host the ceremony. Some even choose to have the CEO or a high-ranking executive host the event. It is important to choose the right host, as big-name presenters can be distracting. When choosing a presenter, think about the culture of the company and choose someone who fits well with this. In addition, know your audience, and write scripts that speak to your company’s culture.

Technical visits:

Technical visits as part of corporate events are a great way to introduce employees and management to cutting-edge technology. Technical visits help corporate event managers build rapport and build credibility with their employees. In addition, these visits allow event managers to learn about new technologies, tools, and processes that can benefit their business.

By Deanna