High-end kitchens are not all alike. While the basic components are common to these kitchens, the individual touches are what make them stand out. Below are some examples of what to look for when planning your new luxury Italian kitchen. A wine cooler, a wine rack, and high-end appliances are just a few of the many extras you can add to your kitchen to make it unique. Let us help you design the perfect kitchen!

Choosing the right countertop

When you’re designing a high-end kitchen, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which material to use. Countertops can be made of natural stone, a manufactured composite, or a blend of both. When choosing the right material for your new high-end kitchen, think about the overall design of your room. It should complement the cabinets, flooring, and other design choices.

Choosing the right flooring

When remodeling your kitchen, flooring can make all the difference. You can transform a drab room into an elegant space with just a few simple changes. The right flooring choice will depend on your lifestyle and your desired aesthetic.

Choosing the right appliances

One of the most important factors in making your kitchen look high-end is choosing the right appliances. While many people choose to spend their entire day in the kitchen, the aesthetics of that room are just as important. You want to be happy with the overall look of the room, and you should consider both performance and cost when choosing your new appliances. In addition, it will help if you create a mood board to guide your purchases.

Adding a wine cooler or a wine rack

Adding a wine cooler or rack to your kitchen is an excellent way to add a touch of class to your space. There are several options for wine storage, from free-standing models to built-in ones. Both can accommodate up to 30 standard-size bottles. These wine storage units are easy to install under a counter or in a butler’s pantry. Just be sure to purchase one that has its power supply.

Adding a dining area

There are several options for a dining space in a high-end kitchen. For example, a long low cabinet on legs, also known as a buffet, maybe the best option. Sideboards, which can also be called the server, feature open shelving and drawers, while a more formal option is the credenza. Credenzas are long low cabinets on slender legs with sliding doors. Additionally, if you regularly host a cocktail hour, you may want to consider installing a rolling bar cart or permanent wet bar.

By Deanna