How to Hire a VAT Consultant

According to the best VAT consultants in UAE, people don’t become a tax filer because either they don’t know the procedure or they don’t understand the legal language. Now a days, there is a huge debate by the students that instead of teaching them subjects that don’t have a real purpose in real life, they should be skipped and the students should be taught all about taxes. Or if the education board cannot miss any subject then they should teach all about taxes in another class as a subject. So, that when students become job holders or business persons, they don’t have to make losses due to non-tax payments.

The students also say that they should be taught about different accounting services in Dubai. For the students who start a business, they usually have a hard time when it comes to taxes. Since it has long procedures and usually you have to visit to different govt departments to get paperwork or to get it attested. That is why business people find the best vat consultant. If you have a business and it needs to get its taxes done, then we suggest that you find one for the company and below, you will find how to hire a vat consultant.

Ask for PTIN: PTIN is the abbreviation of preparer tax identification number. You can say that this is the practicing license number of the vat consultant (a tax preparer is also called a vat consultant). If a vat consultant does not show the PTIN then skip this one and move to the next.

CPA: CPA is the abbreviation of certified public accountant and you can say that this is the course that all vat consultants have to pass or you can say that this is their degree of the field.

EA: EA is the abbreviation of enrolled agent. Meaning to say that the agent has to be registered with the govt bodies and with well-known companies of tax.

Look for Friends in High Places: we have seen the rich people avoiding taxes. And that is done by their tax consultant. Ask your super rich friends or the friends who have white collared jobs, they can recommend a good tax consultant.

Compare Fee: if you are looking to remain in a budget, then compare charges and fee of different vat consultants.

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