How To Keep A Heat Pump Well Maintained

Proper maintenance is crucial to keeping your heat pump running at its best. Here are a few ways you can do this. Check your air filters, set your thermostat to the correct time, and keep the water quality clean. Various companies offer heat pump maintenance, including cleaning and inspections. This will ensure your unit is reliable and safe. Regardless of how new your heat pump is, there are ways to keep it in top shape and running efficiently.

Horizontal heat pump pipe:

Unlike vertical loops, horizontal heat pump pipes need adequate space to keep their shape. Installing a horizontal heat pump system requires digging a trench between five and ten feet deep. The length of the pipe depends on its capacity and the number of pipes in the system. The pipes need about 120 to 180 m for each ton of capacity. In a well-insulated 2000-square-foot house, this would mean 360 to 540 m of pipe.

Clean air filters:

Changing your air filter regularly is an essential part of keeping your heat pump in good shape. Dirty filters spread low-quality air throughout your home, which can be unhealthy for you and the people living in it. It is a good idea to replace the filter every month or so, but it is best to change it more often if your system is in good shape. It is also easy to replace.

Proper water quality:

If you have a heat pump, you need to have good water quality for it to function properly. You need to use softened water that is suitable for your heat pump. If you cannot afford to buy a softener, you can use water from your local tap. Alternatively, if you have a well, you can get a water-quality testing kit from your local plumbing contractor.


A heat pump is part of a central heating and cooling system that moves heat from one location to another. It is an energy-efficient way to keep a home comfortable and reduce energy bills. But if you fail to maintain the heat pump properly, it can waste anywhere from 10% to 25% more energy than necessary. And over time, this will add up.

By Deanna