Must Be Aware Of Things When Buying Custom Suits

Choosing the right type of custom suit in Dubai for your personality and body type requires careful observation and precise measurements. In addition, a highly trained artisan will carefully examine your posture and physique to determine which style and fabric are best for your body type. These factors will determine the final cost of your suit. To find the perfect suit for you, read on to discover more about the different types of custom suits and how to choose the best one for your needs and style.

Fabric selection:

When customizing your suit, fabric selection is extremely important. This aspect will determine the look and hold of the final garment. While cotton and linen are lightweight and can be worn every day, a more formal cloth such as silk or wool can be a more expensive and luxurious option. Wool and cotton are timeless fabrics, but modern fabrics like polyester and synthetics have a more modern appeal. Choose the proper fabric for your style and budget.


While the fabric is the most important component of a custom suit, the interior is just as important. While the fabric makes up the most visible portion, the lining gives the garment its soul. Custom suits will always maintain their value and keep looking great after many wears. Custom suits often feature canvas interlinings instead of fusible interfacing. This helps the coated mold to the shape of the wearer.


Men’s suits say a lot about you, and you should wear them to turn heads and stand out. While you can’t expect to stand out in a crowd with a Dh 300 suit, you can create a sophisticated look with trendy subtleties and contemporary styles. A custom suit is a perfect way to achieve this look for a price that will be within your budget.

Ideal size:

Before purchasing a suit, you should understand its measurements and how to find out your ideal size. While there is no universal standard for suit sizes, some brands offer a larger or smaller range of sizes. The size chart below can help you choose the best suit for your frame. For most men, the ideal size range is 38R to 42R. In addition, consider that the size range is also used for the design and cut of the designer’s entire line.

By Deanna