Signs You Have Serious Dental Issues

Having a healthy mouth is a must for good overall health. Dental problems are harmless, but others can cause serious and life-threatening complications. The key is to know the signs of these problems and seek treatment early. Symptoms of dental issues can include jaw pain, toothache, sores, and bad breath. Find here the best pediatric dentist in Dubai.

Gum disease and tooth decay:

Gum disease and tooth decay are common. These diseases are caused by improper brushing and flossing. A dentist can identify and treat them and may recommend a gum graft or other procedure. The dentist can also check for oral cancer. This disease is deadly. Oral cancer can be diagnosed by a dentist but cannot be treated at home. Oral cancer can be caught at an earlier stage, so it is important to get a full diagnosis.

You might be suffering from reflux:

If you have sensitive teeth, you might suffer from acid reflux or another underlying condition. Toothpaste is available for people with this problem, but the only way to diagnose the true cause is to see a dentist. If your teeth are swollen and painful, you could suffer from an abscess or an infection in your gums. If your gums bleed, it is a sign of periodontitis. If your teeth are yellow, it can result from smoking or a poor dental hygiene routine. A dentist can help you fix this problem by using a dental crown.

Bad breath:

If you have bad breath, it is a symptom of gum disease or a tooth infection. If your gums bleed, it can signify a serious underlying illness such as diabetes. If you experience this symptom daily, you should see a dentist. If you do not get treatment, the bacteria in your mouth will spread to the bloodstream, leading to serious health problems. The longer the infection goes untreated, the harder it will be to heal.

Loose teeth:

If you have loose teeth, it can be a sign of underlying issues such as arthritis, gum disease, or jawbone problems. The teeth may be missing or misaligned. A dentist can correct these problems, but you may need to have your teeth re-aligned. If you have wires in braces, they can irritate your mouth.

By Deanna